Sign Up to Serve!

If you are not currently serving, let me encourage you to sign up! You can go online or fill out a connection card or if you are at the Hiram campus, you can go to the Connection H Hub to sign up. There are plenty of opportunities for God to use you!

Let me say to each one of you who already volunteers at New Season…thank you, you are awesome! God is using you to touch countless lives. Many people are being changed because of the time and effort that you invest every weekend.

I’m sure at times that you ask yourselves if it really matters if you show up on Sundays to volunteer…

Let me answer for you – YES, everything matters and it is making a difference, both now on earth and into eternity. Everything matters – YOU MATTER!

Our volunteers in the parking lot matter to our guests (they are the first representative of New Season as people drive on to our campus) and they are the key to maintaining safety and order for parking; our Greeters matter to our guests as they enter our building and are greeted with a friendly, smiling face and a greeting; our Coffee Bar volunteers matter as they share the gift of hospitality; Ushers, Discovery workers, XStatic workers, Uprising workers, Sound/Lights, Office Volunteers, Decision Counselors, etc…you ALL play a part in reaching and ministering to people.

Thank you again for your commitment to Jesus and to New Season Church. It is an honor to serve along beside you.

Remember I Corinthians 15:58, "your labor in the Lord is not in vain."

It’s Decision Time!

Jesus said in John 10:10 “I have come that you may have life abundantly.”  

Can you articulate exactly what you want out of life?  

Are you focused on specific goals that will not only bring you satisfaction, but new opportunities that will make your dreams come true?  

Do you believe that life is full of meaning and purpose?  

Do you believe it was meant to be lived to the fullest?  

Are your decisions easy to make because your life’s purpose clarifies what is most important?  

Do you know that making the decisions of what is most important will chase away those endless things that clutter your life?  

What actions can you take now rather than later?  

I would suggest the following to experience all that God has for you:

1. Maybe If I start my day off with the Lord in prayer and in His word, I will have more energy and the strength to stay in the game.

2. Maybe if I improve my sense of mission and purpose, I will have a better idea of where I am headed.

3. Maybe if I improve my attitude, I will be able to see more clearly the opportunities presented to me every day.

4. Maybe if I prioritize my life better, I will not stay involved in the issues that burn up my time.

5. Maybe if I take action sooner, rather than permitting procrastination to rear its ugly head, my dreams will become reality.

Jesus promised abundant life. If we are not experiencing abundant life, then we know who is at fault. 

Today… Make the decision to live abundantly!

Get A Passport!

For the past six  years in February, Vickie and I have taken a group to El Salvador. The week is always packed full of ministry opportunities like sharing in schools and orphanages, working with churches – painting and cleaning their buildings, helping clean in local neighborhoods, feeding children in cafeterias, setting up in poor neighborhoods, sharing one on one with people and being involved in other community events. God has opened the door for a great relationship and welcome arms for us from this small impoverished country.

We have seen over 1.600 people receive Christ these past six  years. We have ministered, encouraged, prayed, challenged, motivated and invested in the people of El Salvador. New Season Church has invested…each year, we deliver several bags of gifts given by NSC to the children in the orphanages there. I wish you could see the kids’ faces when they receive the candy, toothbrushes and supplies. Last year, we bought shoes for each child and our people got to put the shoes on the feet of the kids!

Our trip this year will be February 13-19. The cost will be  $17.00. 00 which includes round-trip airfare, hotel and all meals.

This is an “easy” mission trip. When I say that, I mean that we are not dropped off in the jungle and fed on worms and zebra. We do stay busy and it is tiring, but so worth it! We stay in a decent hotel room where we can sleep and take a hot shower. Food is great and the people are amazing.

Have you ever been on a mission trip?

If not, this would be a great first trip for you. If you have, join us anyway! You will fall in love with the people and have the opportunity to be used to make an eternal difference!

Get a passport!

More Than I Can Imagine

I can’t help it. I tried and tried but I just can’t. I can’t stop thinking and dreaming about how God wants to use New Season Church to not only impact our community, but the world! With three campuses and a people full of God there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

Ephesians 3:20 is still true – “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”                                                    Did you just read what that said? God IS able. He is able to:

Save people from hell.

See people go public through baptism.

Restore broken marriages.

Break addictions.

Meet needs in our communities.

Lead people to embrace generosity.

Allow children and teens to experience an exciting church and be raised up to revolutionize the world for Christ.

Raise up a church with a passion to reach the lost.

I can think and imagine a million more things…God IS able to do all of this and more!

Follow Hard After God

Jesus was a great teacher. He was a marvelous example for everyone to follow. He was a Healer for the physical, the emotional and the mental.

Jesus was a prophet. He proclaimed the Word of God and foretold what would happen in the future.

Jesus was a person characterized by great love. He had compassion on all people and He loved hanging out with the “worst of the worst.”

Jesus was a tremendous religious leader. He recruited, trained and sent out a group of men who impacted the world in which we live.

Jesus’ sinless, obedient life demonstrated His love and commitment to all mankind. Jesus willingly laid down His life so that we can have a relationship with God the Father. Don’t ever think that Jesus died to establish a religious system or code of ethics. Jesus died so that you and I can know God!

So, with all that He has done for you, why don’t you join me in:

1. Asking God to “set you on fire”

Ask God to consume you, to help you let go of your sin and junk, and let go of your hurt and pain and run into His arms with complete abandonment. Let God ignite you with passion once again!

2. Asking God to give you a burden for people

Beg God to give you His heart, His eyes, and His ears for people…lost people who don’t know Him and the Body of Christ who are limping around when they should be sprinting. We have become blind to the needs of others. Ask God to let you see the world like He does.

3. Asking God for the impossible

Have you prayed any BOLD prayers lately? The early church saw the miraculous because they asked God for the impossible. Our prayers are too small and to safe. Let’s ask, let’s seek and knock on heavens door with audacious bold prayers.

In acknowledging all that Christ has done for us, let’s love Him and FOLLOW HARD after him.

Changed People Grow

Have you ever seen stagnant water? It begins to change color, it smells bad and looks nasty. Stagnation causes bacteria to grow and is very unhealthy.

I know too many people who are stagnant in their lives… mentally stagnant, emotionally stagnant, physically stagnant and of course, spiritually stagnant. When something is stagnant, you cannot just “stir the pot.” You have to discard it and start fresh. In your life that is a good idea.

Start fresh today and begin growing! Changed people grow!

You have to set aside a specific time for growth. If you don’t make the appointment and stick with it, you will never change. Emerson said, “For everything you gain, you give up something.”

You really do have to give up to grow. What are you willing to give up in order to grow up? A little television, less of your hobby, a little less sleep, etc… We must be willing to give something up if we want to grow. It is time to grow up.

Your life is too important to be fretting it away and allowing yourself to become stagnant. Don’t just stir things up – change! Grow. We have many opportunities at new season for you to grow .

Join us tonight at 7:00 pm for our Group Launch where we will enjoy refreshments, play games, meet new people and help you connect with a Small Group. We all need that small group setting so we can be real, laugh together, cry together and just do life together.

Then, on Wednesday, August 26, we will kick off our D-Groups. (Discipleship Groups) This is a great opportunity for you to study and learn from the Word of God…to GROW!

We are really trying to help you in your growth process. The rest is up to you. Get involved and experience new growth!

You Can’t Do Life Alone

No matter how tough you are, no matter how independent or self-reliant you are, and no matter  how much you pride yourself in the belief that you don’t need anyone, it just is not true.

You and I cannot do life alone. Even in the perfect Garden of Eden, God said to Adam, “it’s not good for you to be alone.” We were created to be in community. We were designed to need and want other people. Life is meant to be shared and experienced with others. There is strength in numbers.

Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: 10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. 11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? 12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” We need each other!

Going to church is obviously essential and even commanded, but you worship in a crowd and fellowship in a small group. That smaller group is what you need. You need a place to share your hurts, pain and problems. You need other people to pray with you, encourage you and hold you accountable.

We have many opportunities coming up at New Season to allow you to connect with other people. Take advantage and get involved!

      • August 12th – Uprising (Students) Launch

      • August 16th – Volunteer Orientation

      • August 17th – Group Launch

      • August 23rd – Starting Point (Next Steps Membership Class)

      • August 26th – Discipleship Groups

We can’t do life alone!

Giver or Taker

Jesus said in Acts 20:35 that, “it is more blessed to give then receive.” This famous statement from the lips of Jesus is not found where you think. It’s not in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, it is in the book of Acts. Jesus must have told Paul this during Paul’s three year discipleship program in Arabia.

This statement could be called the forgotten beatitude. A beatitude is a sentence that begins with the words, “Blessed…”

Jesus very frequently spoke in beatitudes. He began his ministry by saying, “Blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are those who mourn. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness…” (Matthew 5: 1-6

Later he said things like, “Blessed are your eyes because they see.” (Matthew 13:16) and, “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.” (Luke 11:28) In fact the word ‘blessed’ occurs 42 times in the Gospels.But there is only one time when the phrase “more blessed” occurs. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

I believe the Lord Jesus wants to lay this beatitude on our hearts today. By reading this carefully, we can see that Jesus was really describing two great blessings in life.

He was talking about giving and He was talking about receiving. He did not indicate that one is a curse and the other, a blessing. He indicated that both are blessings but one is a greater blessing than the other. He was comparing two different blessings.

First, there is the blessing of receiving. When you receive your paycheck at the end of the week, there is a blessing for which you are thankful. It enables you to pay your bills. It provides food and clothing and the necessities of life.

When someone remembers you on your birthday with a nice gift, that’s a blessing. When someone does you a kindness, how thankful you should be. It is a blessing to receive.

And think of how much we have received from the hand of God himself. All we have is from Him. All that we are and will be – all is from Him.

Our homes and possessions, our families and friends, our souls and bodies, our hope and future – all is from Him. Forgiveness of sin and eternal life, daily peace. His constant, abiding presence…all is from Him.

There is an old hymn that says,

“Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth; thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide; strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow; blessings – all mine and ten thousand besides!”

John 1:16 says, “from the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another.”

What could be greater? What could be more wonderful than that? What could possible be ‘more blessed’?

Only one thing…Jesus said, even more than receiving, it is more blessed to give. Or as He put it in Matthew, 10:8, “Freely you have received; freely give.”

Are you a giver or a taker?

What’s Hindering You?

I can think of a lot of things that are hindering me from going to the next level in my faith.The number one thing being me.

Hebrews, chapter 12, verses 1 and 2 says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

The phrase ‘everything that hinders’ translates a word that only occurs here in the New Testament. It means any kind of hindrance, it doesn’t speak only of sin. The writer of Hebrews is saying there are good things that can hinder us.

What is it that is hindering you from being all that God has called you to be?

Maybe you have some unconfessed, private sin that you are hiding. Maybe your priorities are not lined up with God’s heart. Perhaps it is not sin, it is just not God’s best for you.

It only took a moment for some of you to think of something(s) in your life that is hindering the power and fullness of God. Join me today in reflecting and repenting. God has this amazing plan and purpose for our lives. Let’s run the race He has for us.

Let’s not let anything hinder us.

Believing For a Better Day

Most of us are settled in with the status quo and just getting by. Playing it safe is on the daily agenda and the next day and so on.

Our lives have become boring and predictable. We are so afraid of failure that we are stuck in a time zone of frustration and regret.

We serve an awesome God who is not scared by our BIG audacious dreams and desires. On the contrary, God desires that we live boldly.

Proverbs 28:1 says, “the righteous are as bold as a lion.” God isn’t offended by our boldness, just the opposite. He is offended by our passivity. Bold faith filled prayers bring honor to God and God honors bold faith filled prayers.

What dream do you have that’s been on hold for too long? What vision has God given you?What step of faith do you need to take? You are only one bold step of faith away from your vision being fulfilled.

Are you going to play it safe or take a risk? Abraham took a risk and left what was familiar to him to see a promise in the making fulfilled. Moses took a risk when he said to Pharaoh, “let my people go.” Joshua took a risk when he told the people to march around Jericho. Peter took a risk when he got out of the boat and started walking on the water.

Take a risk! Take that step of faith and believe God for a better day, a better life.

Don’t be paralyzed by fear of man or the fear of looking foolish. Dare to believe, dare to soar, dare to live the life that God has for you.

God really does have a better day for you!

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