Trust and Obey

In a survey by a research group, it showed the top four problems among people today:

1. Financial (49% of people)
2. Job related
3. Personal relationships
4. Personal health or tragedy

Almost half of the people surveyed said they are facing financial difficulty.

There is no doubt that all of us have been hit by the poor economy. Everyone that I know has had to make some major adjustments. We have had to really evaluate what is important and learn to do without some things that we one enjoyed.

Giving has gone down dramatically in churches over the last several years. Giving to the Lord through His church unfortunately did not make the most important list. These bad financial times have shown us what we are really made of and what part God really plays in our finances.

Let’s get back to old fashioned trust and obedience. The hymn writer said it this way, “trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

Are you trusting God with your treasures? Is God big enough to see you through these tough times? Trust and obey!

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