Big Mo

I have seen him countless times. He is a welcome guest. He disappears occasionally as quickly as he appears. When he is present, everyone knows but when he is absent, it is also painfully known.

I could be describing the Holy Spirit but I am not?I am talking about momentum. Momentum doesn?t happen by accident. There are many factors that contribute. Momentum is a great change agent. People get caught up in it and great things happen. Without momentum, the simplest talk seems insurmountable.

In ministry and in life, I have experienced the power of momentum. I can also reflect on times when nothing was happening. We had no momentum.

We are experiencing great momentum at New Season Church. We are seeing God do amazing things and we are riding the wave of momentum. We are seeing a summer surge in attendance and giving. Yes, you read that correctly; our attendance is up significantly from last summer and our offerings have risen as well. We just saw 34 people saved in the month of June, 19 people joined and many other decisions were made.

There are four keys to sustaining and creating momentum:
1. The Anointing of God

2. The Attitude of the Leader

3. The Atmosphere of the Organization

4. The Accomplishment of the People

It takes all four of these things to create and sustain momentum.
I hope big Mo is your friend right now.

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