A Jethro Moment

I have been at this point many times in ministry. I can remember when it happened in my first church. I can remember vividly when it happened at my next assignment.

We have been there at New Season for a couple of years now. I am talking about when a church grows quickly and it outgrows the capacity of the Pastor and the paid staff members.

It is that critical point in the life of the church when certain things must happen in order to expand the ministry so that the God given potential can be reached.

In Exodus, chapter 18, we have a great story of Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law. He was giving Moses the best leadership advice one could possible receive. He said in essence that you cannot do it on your own, you have reached your capacity, you are “spread too thin”…this has gotten bigger than you! You must multiply yourself or you are done. You must equip others, you must train and mobilize the people of God. You must recognize potential and recruit people. If not, the miracle you’ve experienced will be over.

This model of leadership is seen throughout the Bible. God’s people entrusted with responsibility to carry out the ministry.

At New Season, we are at a serious juncture. We need people who understand the vision, who love the vision and desire to implement the vision. I am convinced that in order for our church to go to the next level, in order to expand the vision and ministry, we need a Jethro moment. I have had mine, I hope you will have yours.

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