Churches need to be more intentional. It seems today that many churches are going through all the motions…people get to check the box that they did their “church deal” and yet go home untouched and unchanged.

Some folks are stuck in tradition – “this is the way we have always done it.” They talk about yesteryear and the “good ole days” but nothing exciting and relevant is happening now.

Then you have the other side where we just want to be slick and cool and so connected to culture that the message of the gospel gets lost.

Here at New Season, we don’t do everything right, that’s for sure, but everything we do is done to create an environment where lost people can hear the gospel and be saved. Everything we do is creating an environment to get people connected to God and to New Season. We are very intentional. Every song, every sermon, every video, every volunteer position…did I mention everything we do is creating an environment to share the gospel, to show Jesus to people.

We must be intentional. Jesus was extremely intentional. He came to seek and save that which was lost. That’s intentionality.

This week we will begin a new series entitled, “Dark Horse.” This series is very intentional. Join me in being intentional as we invite people who are far from God to experience new life in Christ.

One thought on “Intentional

  1. As always the Holy Spirit makes me check up. You always
    Bring such an awesome word from God. Thank you for being
    A light in such a dark world.

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