Go Make Some Memories

Family is really important to me. My wife Vickie and I have six children – four sons and two daughters. We have two daughter-in-laws, one son-in-law and and two grandchildren, a 13 month old boy named Finnegan and a 10 month old girl named Lakely.

Many years ago, we decided to try to use every opportunity to make memories as a family. It could be as simple as sitting at the dinner table and each taking a turn singing “Amazing Grace” out loud. (We actually did that recently!)

It may have been a basketball game in our driveway where every ounce of the Flockhart competitive spirit reared its ugly head in full force. All of my kids are competitive, I am competitive and my wife is competitive. I’ll just say that things have gotten ugly a few times through the years!

It may have been a trip where the eight of us crammed in the car for a six hour journey. This was before the days of DVD players in the car so we played the ABC game, sang songs or made up other games. Stevie would pay his younger sisters 50 cents each to give him the entire seat and they ended up sitting on the floor.

My wife had the idea one year that we needed to take a family trip out West. So eight Flockharts loaded up and headed for Arizona. We broke up our trip the first night by stopping in Oklahoma and visiting the Memorial there. Our family walked around reading about the victims who lost their lives in that very spot. We visited New Mexico, Las Vegas, Phoenix and the Grand Canyon on that trip. We have some great memories and pretty funny stories.

Many of our memories are based around sporting events since we all love sports. We will all gather around the television to watch and we have also had the privilege to attend many professional games and meet famous athletes. There are many rivalries in our home, everyone seems to like a different team and have a different opinion.

Some of my favorite memories though are when we are just all together in our home. The happiest moments seem to be when our house is full…when everyone is there. It is loud, it is crazy and I love it! My wife will cook a big meal or maybe we will order pizza and we just all hang out. There are few things better!

I could go on and on but this would get too lengthy. I have a million memories of each of our kids, of our family and the precious times we have experienced together. Your kids will not remember those gifts that you obsess over buying them for birthdays or Christmas but they will remember the time that you spent with them. The laughter, the games, the talks, praying together…those are the memories they will cherish.

Go make some memories!

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  1. i am a reporter at the Deseret News in Salt Lake City. I’m working on a story about teaching children a positive mindset towards competition. I came across this post and would love to speak with you sometime today or tomorrow, briefly, about how you parent your children in terms of healthy competition.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Rachel Lowry
    Deseret News

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