Pure Joy

Outside of my relationship with Jesus, the relationship I have experienced with our heavenly Father over the past 27 years, my marriage and my relationship with my own six children, being a grandparent (G-Daddy) is absolute pure joy!

Through the years, different people have told my wife and I how incredible it is to be a grandparent but I have to confess, I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration. I remember specifically when our friends, Johnny and Janet Hunt had their first grandchild, Katie, I thought they had lost their minds! They went crazy over that baby girl and talked about her non-stop! I have watched the same thing happen to other friends and just did not fully understand it.

Nothing could have prepared me for the love, excitement and intoxication that come with being a grandparent. I really did not expect the powerful emotions that have been poured out on me through my two grandbabies. Raising your own children is a joy in itself and I love my kids more than life itself but grandchildren are a different ballgame. Grandkids come with “no strings attached” – you can enjoy them and not have to worry about performance and making sure you do every little thing right.

The patience that comes from nowhere is truly remarkable. You just want time to stand still, you don’t want these little boys and girls to grow up. I’m sure a lot of that comes from remembering how your own children seemed to be toddlers one day and then grew into men and women the next! Time passes much too quickly and grandparents have first-hand knowledge of that from watching their own children grow up.

Grandchildren bring joy in everything they do…watching them sleep, feeding them, their first smile, those first cooing sounds, the first laugh, first step, etc… It is deeply fulfilling and emotional to watch your child have their own child and be a parent. This is a bind that cannot be broken.

I have mentioned each of my grandchildren on my blog before but let me tell you a little about my two grandchildren.

My oldest grandchild is Finnegan Michael. He is 14 months old and his parents are Stevie and Whitney (Stevie is my oldest son).

Finn is a happy baby, he laughs often and has the cutest face where he squints his little eyes and gives a giant smile.

He loves baseball, in fact to be specific, he loves the Braves, His mom and dad have had him watching Braves baseball since he was born so “baseball” was one of his first words. He knows the sound of the tomahawk chop and starts moving his hand and saying, “woah woah woah” when he hears it! We took him to a Braves game on July 4th and it was miserably hot. Finn sat perfectly still on my lap or his G-Mommy’s lap for 9 innings and watched the game. He clapped when the crowd clapped and he chopped when the crowd chopped!

Finn loves to eat so I spend much of our time together feeding him. It makes him happy so it makes me happy! His laugh is one of the greatest sounds I have ever heard but the best thing of all is this…he has learned to say, “G-Daddy”!

Lakely is 10 months old and she belongs to my youngest son, Austin and his wife, Lindsey.

Lakely is a pretty little dainty girl who smiles non-stop. Her eyes sparkle and her smile is so big that it takes over her entire face. I can already tell that her smile is going to be her most powerful “weapon” against me in the years to come! There will be no way to say no to her!

She has just started walking and babbling. She says, “Da-Da” over and over and a lot of other things that we can’t figure out yet.

Lakely does this cute little bashful thing – if you are holding her and someone starts talking to her, she buries her head in your chest and “hides.” It is adorable!

Our grandbabies love playing together and the greatest times are when they are both at our house. We look forward to those times when they both spend the night. They are both fans of Cracker Barrel already, we have had a few dates with them there and they loved it.

Can you tell I am one of those guys who has gone crazy over his grandkids?

Blogging this week has been a little different with my daughter getting married. It has put me in a different frame of mind and led me to share more about my family. I am a blessed man and thank God for my wife, 6 kids, 2 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and Finn and Lakely…pure joy!

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