Dark Horse

Our biggest series of the year began last Sunday…Dark Horse, a series on the life of David. I have been so excited about this series, I couldn’t wait to begin preaching it.

A Dark Horse is: “a competitor or candidate who has little chance of winning or wins against expectation; A little known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort.” Don’t we all know someone like that? Aren’t most of us THAT person, the Dark Horse who isn’t supposed to win?

David was definitely a Dark Horse. A little freckle faced kid who tended sheep. Who would have dreamed that he would be the one to kill Goliath the giant? Who would have expected him to be a military genius, a mighty king, a man after God’s own heart? He defied the odds, he rose up against the giants hovering around trying to discourage him or hinder him from moving forward.

Do not miss this series! We had over 1000 in attendance last week…were you one of those? I can say with confidence – you need this series! Your family and friends need this series. Invite people to come with you. Take inventory of the relationships that God has strategically placed in your life. The more people you invite, the more people that will attend and hear the gospel. The more people who hear the gospel, the more people who will get saved. Invite everyone that you know and invite them until they come!

Remember to be reading I Samuel beginning in chapter 16 through chapter 31.

August 19th – Connect the Dots – ch 16

August 26th – Dark Times – ch 21-22

Sept. 2 – Dark Horse

Sept. 9th – Take Back What’s Been Taken – ch 30

Sept. 16th – Decisions Determine Destiny – ch 24

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