Better Than Coke

We could argue about what tastes better – Coke or Pepsi but we all know which one is the most popular and which one has a vision to reach the world.

A man named Asa Candler bought the company from Dr. John Pemberton in 1889. He took away all of Pembert’s assets in a single horse and wagon. Candler knew he had a great product and he believed the world needed to know about it. Candler instituted a far reaching campaign. The Coca Cola trademark was provided to soda fountains around the country on signs, serving trays, lamps and every other item that Candler thought of. He gave away thousands of products with the Coca Cola logo on them. Candler even gave restaurant signs that said, “Ice cold Coca Cola sold here.” For many of the stores, it was their first major sign and they gladly displayed it.

By 1919, Coca Cola became one of the most successful products in America’s history. Candler sold Coca Cola in 1919 for 25 million dollars.

Coke has continued its vision to reach the world. The vision is to put a Coke in the hand of everyone on the planet. Today, Coke is worth 67.5 billion dollars.

I will admit Coke is good. I enjoy a few Diet Cokes every day of my life. But something is certainly wrong with this picture. Coke is more passionate, more committed, more aggressive and more enthusiastic about a soft drink than we are about sharing the news that you can be completely forgiven of all of your sin, be saved, experience abundant life and go to heaven when you die! Coke does a better job evangelistically than we do. Jesus is a lot better than Coke.

We must have the vision to get the gospel in the heart of everyone on the planet. We must have a greater vision than Coke. Let me encourage you today to call, text, write, Facebook or tweet someone and tell them your story. Tell them that Jesus saves. Invite them to church this Sunday. We really do have a message – a “product” that is a whole lot better than Coca Cola!

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