2 Sons…2 Journeys

I have four sons, Stevie, Jeremiah, Andrew and Austin. Each of them are very different in personality, giftedness and calling. I am proud of each of my boys and have been blessed to watch them mature into Godly men.

As a Dad, I have tried my best to prepare them for life and leadership. I have had hundreds of talks and “life lessons” with them through the years. I have tried to communicate that being successful in the world’s eyes and being successful in God’s eyes are two totally different things. I don’t want to put the pressure on my sons to be some great success according to the world.

I want each of them to find their unique, God-ordained purpose and calling in life. We all know one of the biggest issues a young man faces is discovering, “who am I and what am I on this earth for?” Today, our last two sons living at home, Jeremiah and Andrew will leave and set out on two very different journeys to discover and fulfill their calling.

Last February. Andrew went on his first mission trip to El Salvador. He fell in love with the people, especially the kids and the teenagers. On that trip, Andrew was asked to return to El Salvador for a longer period of time to be involved in ministry there. After praying and thinking it through, Andrew will board a flight to El Salvador this morning. He will settle in and be working with Vision to Hear Ministry, be involved in sports ministry, music ministry, etc…

As a three year old boy, I accidentally ran over Andrew and we almost lost him. That was over twenty years ago and other than a few plastic surgeries, there was no major damage and Andrew made a full recovery. Truly a miracle! I knew back then that God had a special plan for his life.

Andrew is our quiet kid…one out of six! He has his mother’s personality, he is very passive and low key. He stays calm and cool about everything. Well, everything but sports! He is a huge sports fan and becomes extremely animated and louder than normal when watching his teams play.

Andrew has always been very compassionate, he has a huge heart and loves everyone. I believe that is one of the driving factors in this call to El Salvador. In the short time that we were there in February, Andrew developed a great love for the El Salvadorian people. He has a desire to share the love of Jesus and see many come to Christ.

Jeremiah is moving to Charlotte, NC to be involved in Elevation Church. This is an amazing opportunity for him and he is really excited.

Jeremiah loves ministry. He helped me start New Season Church almost five years ago and poured his life into it…can I tell you what an amazing privilege it is to serve with your own son?

Jeremiah has always been the kid who strives for excellence. He doesn’t want to do a job half way and he expects others to give their all as well.

He has always been our “neat freak” – Mr. Organized, almost to the point of being OCD! His room is always perfectly organized right down to his sock drawer! He has always helped keep the house straight and has been a great helper to his Mom and I with his younger siblings.

Jeremiah is very creative and comes up with some incredible ideas. He also has a great love for music and is gifted in this area as well. I wait with anticipation to see how he will be used for Jesus!

I am feeling so many emotions as I write this. I could not be prouder as a Dad. At the same time, it will be very different around our house. The journeys begin…

5 thoughts on “2 Sons…2 Journeys

  1. Blessings for your sweet and wonderful boys! I am so glad and honored to have met them and I know that God has something huge planned for these wonderful young men. I pray also that God will lift up you and Vickie, kids leaving home isn’t was, especially for Mom! I am thankful God placed all of the Flockharts in our lives… we love you guys!!

  2. What an exciting journey they are each beginning today, we will keep them in our hearts and prayers.

    God bless each of you.

  3. What a wonderful synopsis of the boys (young men)lives. your home will be very different now – quiet – but so filled with memories of them. We of course remember them as young teens in TN – wow you and Vickie are truly blessed.

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