Worship Is A Verb

You can ask ten people what worship is and get at least seven different answers. There seems to be a great deal of confusion today on this subject.

Most people, when they think of worship usually think of going to church and singing. Although worship often occurs in a building when we are singing corporately, it really is so much deeper than that.

The Hebrew word for worship means, “bowing down, giving respect and honor.” The Greek word means, “to prostrate oneself humbly; kissing of the feet.” Worship is a personal contemplation and understanding and adoration of the Sovereign, Holy, Indescribable God who is worthy of all praise and honor. He rightly deserves our allegiance and our obedience. Our awe of Him should lead us to worship Him! Worship is focusing on all that God is with everything that we are. Worship is something we do.

I could blog for the next six months about all that worship is. The bottom line is that worship is to seek God, experience God and obey God.

Worship really is a verb. How’s your worship? Has your worship only been a noun? What are some ways you have worshipped lately?

I would love to hear from you!

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