Cruise Control

More than likely, you drive a car that has cruise control. Cruise control is a great feature to have if your foot becomes tired, if you’ve been driving for a long distance or if you are traveling on the open freeway and you are ready to set a certain speed.

To use cruise control, you set the speed – you determine how fast you really want to go. The system takes over to maintain your selected speed.

Cruise control is certainly handy when driving but not for living. Many people attempt to live life on cruise control…steady, easy and maintaining. Cruise control is passive. Your mind is not engaged and you just ease through life effortlessly ignoring problems that arise.

We must be fully engaged. We must constantly fight the temptation to allow things to remain the same way. It is much easier to cruise than to live life to the fullest with our foot on the accelerator. Life is too short and opportunities are too few to live your life on cruise control.

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