Big Ask

Do you remember High School dances? Do you remember trying to get up the nerve to ask that person to dance? What if they said no? What if they think you’re weird? What if they tell other people that you are a freak? Many times we feel the same way when it comes to inviting people to church. We get nervous, we make excuses, we feel rejection and we don’t want to be labeled. Let me give you four ways to help you invite someone to church and go for the “Big Ask.”

1. Be specific and clear

“We are in a series at church that is really helping me. I go to the ____ a.m. service. There are three services for you to choose from. Join me this Sunday.”

Do you notice how specific and clear that was? “You should come to church with me” sometimes is like, “let’s do lunch.” That’s not clear.

Be specific and clear.

2. Invite them to lunch afterwards or breakfast before. Tell them that you will pay. I can’t think of a greater investment!

3. Tell them what your church has to offer. If they have children, tell them how safe and awesome the Children’s Ministry is. Tell them how much your kids love it!

4. Be persistent Don’t give up. Keep on inviting, keep the “Big Ask” in front of them. Someone will show up at church eventually and their life will be changed for all eternity because of your concern and persistence in inviting them!

Be a part of the “Big Ask.” There are people just waiting for you to ask…

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