Philippians 1:3 says, “I thank my God every time I remember you.” I can honestly say that is true when it comes to my thoughts of my New Season family and this blog is written in appreciation and honor to each of you. I truly am grateful to serve as your Pastor at New Season. I often reflect on the faithfulness, generosity and commitment to the ministry of you all. First of all, in the area of serving. We recently added a third service to our Sunday morning schedule. That means more greeters, more ushers, more nursery workers, more children;s workers, more Coffee Bar volunteers, more parking lot attendants, more invitation counselors, etc… are needed. Many of you have stepped up and are serving so that this additional service can happen. Some of you even serve during two services! I thank God when I think of how you at New Season serve! Secondly, in the area of giving. Along with the normal weekly tithes and offerings, you have been asked to give for several special offerings lately. You have given generously and without complaint. I commend you for giving to honor Christ and your obedience in giving Him the 10% that He asks. In addition, I learned this past Sunday that you have been giving money to send Vickie and I on a cruise for Pastor Appreciation month…wow! That leads me to my third area of specific thankfulness…the personal blessings my family and I receive from you. We are overwhelmed and very grateful for the cruise and the gifts that were part of revealing the surprise. We are grateful for the beautiful roses that you presented to Vickie and for the fact that you made it a point to honor her along with me. I really could not do what I do without her. Thank you for communicating your appreciation to her. But can I tell you that the cards and encouraging words that you shared with us meant more than words can say. Let’s get real and be honest…everyone likes to feel loved and appreciated and that is exactly how you made us feel. I just began to reflect on the life events that the Flockhart family have experienced and how our New Season family has been involved: – Our oldest son Stevie – his wedding to Whitney a few years ago, the birth of our first grandchild, Finn, preparation for the launch of Stevie’s ministry as a Pastor in just a few months. You have given financially and I trust you are praying for Stevie and Whitney as they take this huge step. – Our second son, Jeremiah…many of you served in different ministries at New Season with Jeremiah when he was on our staff. You have loved and prayed for him and encouraged him as he recently followed God’s leadership to move to Charlotte, N.C. and be part of a church staff there. – Our third son, Andrew…again, you gave financially and have prayed as Andrew left to serve on the mission field in El Salvador the past few months. – Our youngest son, Austin…we asked for prayer publicly several years ago for Austin as he traveled down a rough path and made some poor choices. You loved us and prayed with us through an unplanned pregnancy, Austin’s marriage to Lindsey, and the birth of our precious granddaughter, Lakely. – Our oldest daughter, Kayla – many of you have prayed for Kayla and her husband Kenny as they were married just a few months ago and settled in to Pastor in Suwannee, TN. – Kirby, our baby girl…you gave financially as she left to serve on the mission field in El Salvador, prayed for her (and her Mama…yes, her Daddy too while she was gone) Those are just a few of the major things I thought of right away. You have loved our family and you have blessed us. For that, I am grateful. Your love and encouragement is priceless! So, yes, I do thank God when I think of you! And I will really thank God when I am sitting on that ship next week, getting a sun tan! Seriously, thank you to each of you for this very generous gift. I am humbled… I am blessed to serve as your Pastor. I love you guys!

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  1. Steve,

    I am so grateful that I belong to this church. You are by far such an anointed teacher and I am so glad I get to hear you tell it like it is every week. I am excited for Sunday and your next message. I do have one thought….since you tell it like it is are you or have you ever done a series on the last days?? I think we are in them big time and was just wondering. Churches need to get that out….I have done some series studying on this and I am ready to upload my first video via YouTube on my channel!!

    Again you are awesome and keep giving it to us straight!!

    Kym Duarte

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