This past Friday, October 19 was a special day…it was our baby granddaughter Lakely’s first birthday. 

It seems like only yesterday that we loaded up the car and headed to Nashville to meet this precious little girl for the first time. She was so tiny, so fragile…she is still tiny, a petite little thing!

When her Dad and Mom bring her into a room, Lakely is smiling the biggest smile and her little eyes are sparkling. She has a little giggle that you will more than likely hear. 

We have discovered that she is a bashful little thing. I have often been holding her and all of a sudden, she lays her head down and buries it in my chest. I love it!

If there is a cell phone anywhere in sight, she will go after it. That is because we have a little ritual, we watch videos together on my phone. Her favorites are Elmo, Veggie Tales and Mickey Mouse. (That cell phone/videos have saved me a few times when nothing else worked!) She now has a little dance to accompany the musical part of the videos. She’s got quite some moves for a one year old!

It would be an understatement to say that this baby girl has stolen my heart. She spends every Friday night with us and I love that special time we have with her. Let’s just say that whenever she gets to the point of talking and asking for things, I will be in trouble!

Happy 1st birthday to my precious little princess Lakely! You have changed my life and I love you so much!

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