Don’t Ever Give Up on Anyone

Seven years ago, yesterday at 8:45 in the morning, my older brother. Billy accepted Christ.

I was saved in 1985 and immediately shared Christ with my family members. Billy was a good guy but told me adamantly that he was not interested in “being religious.” I shared with him several more times through the years, receiving the same response each time.

My kids grew up praying for all of our family members but specifically for those who have not been saved. 6 Flockhart children began praying for “Uncle Billy to be saved” as soon as they could talk. They knew nothing else…until seven years ago!

MY brother was at the end of his rope. His marriage was in trouble and he was a desperate, broken man. It’s sad but that is what it takes many times for a person to be open to what God is trying to do in their life.
My brother received Christ and ended up getting divorced. It is a long and exciting story but God brought a Godly woman named Suzanne into his life and he remarried. They now serve God together and are active leaders in their church.

After my brother was saved, I called him every day for six months. I disciple him over the phone, trying to teach him and answer his questions. He was on a fast track to growth. I helped him find a church and he jumped in with both feet. He got involved in anything he could to help him grow.

Billy is a leader in his church. He is a Deacon, a Bible teacher, he helps lead a ministry called “Operation Timothy” where young Christians are discipled (hello!) He learned 60 Bible verses through this ministry and has taken five other men through.

Billy is a different man. He is on fire, he loves Jesus and he is a committed believer. I am so proud of him and grateful that he is not “religious”, rather he is in a life-changing relationship with Christ!
You may have a family member or a friend that you have been praying for and witnessing to for years. Don’t ever give up on anyone! We prayed for Billy for 20 years and I can’t begin to tell you the joy of watching him finally give his life to Christ. Don’t ever give up on anyone!

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