Today is a very important day for our country as people head to the polls to vote for the President of the United States. Many of you have already voted, Vickie and I actually voted a couple of weeks ago and wore our “I Voted” stickers proudly.

I really don’t think people realize what a privilege it is to vote. Blood has been shed and lives have been lost by those who have fought to defend our freedom and give us the right to vote. I always feel a sense of pride when I vote…like I have done something significant for my country and government.

It is also our responsibility as citizens of this country to vote. If you do not, then you have no right to complain about anything. Voting gives you the opportunity to “voice” your opinion and beliefs. It allows you to extend support to the candidate that best represents you and your stand on the issues.

My youngest daughter Kirby has been passionate about politics since she was a young child. She is not one of those young people who gets behind a candidate because MTV expresses support or some Hollywood star goes on a rant and issues public support for a certain guy. Politics are important to Kirby. She researches the candidates and is educated on what they stand for. She has often challenged her Mom and me and her siblings with her passion and concern for our government. Kirby does not have a gray area when it comes to politics, it is black or white with her. She is very vocal and does not hesitate in letting you know which candidate she supports and why.

I think the thing I am most proud about when it comes to my daughter’s interest in politics is that she does not compromise on the Biblical issues (which are also the most controversial). If a candidate supports abortion and same sex marriage, well, let’s just say that Kirby does not own a t-shirt or a bumper sticker endorsing that candidate! (Neither does her family!)

Kirby works 45 minutes away from our home and her work schedule will not allow her to make it home in time to vote tonight. So Kirby got up 3 hours early this morning, got ready and made it to the polls early so she could vote and head on to work. It was that important to her as a 21 year old young woman. She really does care about the state of our country.

I challenge you to follow through with your responsibility to vote today. I challenge you to be educated on who you are voting for and what they stand for. And if you are a believer, vote for the candidate that matches up closest to Biblical truths and standards and PRAY for our country.

One more thing…no matter who wins, whether it is “your guy” or not, God is still in control.

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