No More Excuses

Pete was a guy that you enjoyed being around but at times, he would drive you crazy.

He was eager, aggressive, impetuous and outspoken. He was inquisitive and was always asking questions. He wanted to be in “the know.” Knowledge is power and Pete wanted to be in the loop.

Pete was very ambitious, full of passion and energy. He was a very driven person. His personality was loud and he talked too much. His mouth got him into a lot of trouble.

I am talking about the Apostle Peter. Peter was the guy who rebuked Jesus; he walked on water; cut off a man’s ear; said that everyone else may run and deny Jesus but was adamant that he never would (and of course he did just that in a very big way!) Peter’s name is mentioned in the gospel more than any other name except for Jesus.

I am Peter…you are Peter…we are all Peter! Peter’s life is a wonderful reminder that God CAN and WILL use anyone. No matter what failures you have experienced, no matter how badly you feel you have let God down or what excuses you have, God can take your life and use you.

Peter preached his first sermon and 3000 people were saved. He was used to heal people, raise people from the dead, he was a contributing writer of the Bible and he dearly loved Jesus and served Him passionately.

Stop believing the lie that you cannot be used by God. He’s ready and waiting for you to step up and give “no more excuses”!

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