It Really Does Last Forever

We live in a world today where nothing seems to last. Our automobiles wear out…the engine goes and it just stops running.

Many people thought that they would be retiring from their company after many years of working but their job ran out.

So many people today are running out on their marriages. Things aren’t going well and the pressure is overwhelming. Many make the decision to opt out. That couple you know who has been married for 20 years calls it quits. It doesn’t even shock us anymore.

More and more things are becoming disposable:

Paper plates

Paper cups

Plastic utensils

Soft drink containers





etc, etc…

Nothing seems to last. I am grateful that the Bible says, “His love endures FOREVER.” God’s goodness and His kindness never fail. His love is always there, nothing can diminish it.

Many things in your life may not last but you can count on the everlasting love of God. His love remains. Isn’t it awesome to find something that really does last forever?

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