Top Five Posts

Top 5 Posts

Today is my six week anniversary of blogging.  You may think that’s no big deal, six weeks is nothing.  Actually, for me, it is a real big deal.  The discipline to write and film a video blog has been much harder than I anticipated.  I will say though, I have enjoyed it immensely; putting my thoughts down on paper.  I hope that the posts have been a source of encouragement to you.  We have had thousands of hits so far!!!!!  I am grateful that you’re reading them.  Today I am going to give you the top five posts in order, that got the most traffic these last six week.  Thanks again for reading, tomorrow I’ll post a video blog.


1. Regret

2. Perseverance

3. Start Swinging Again

4. You Got a Second?

5. Storm Approaching

And in a close Sixth Place and Definitely Noteworthy Is Procrastination Your Problem?

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