Battleship or Cruise ship?

My wife and I had lunch recently with a couple in their late fifties. To say that the gentleman is conservative would be the understatement of the century. He would certainly be classified as “old school” but yet every Sunday, he and his wife serve faithfully at New Season.

They listen to our rocking, contemporary music, give generously – over and above their tithe and they love what God is doing. His words: “I love my “job” at New Season. I get to share the gospel or help someone who just accepted Christ every Sunday. I have never been a part of a church that had someone saved every Sunday.”

That’s the key! This man understands what is really important. It’s not the style of music, it’s not what songs we sing or don’t sing, it’s not the color of the carpet or the volume of the music, it’s not whether I preach out of the King James version or the Message…the success of the church is how we fulfill the Great Commission. Are we making disciples? Is heaven pleased with what is taking place?

I still believe that heaven is real, hell is hot, sin is wrong and the cross and the resurrection are the center of everything.

The church is a battleship for warriors, not a cruise ship for spectators to relax and sail through life. We have a job – a calling – a mandate. Let’s get going. Let’s man the battle stations, not line up at the buffet line!

Which one are you on board? The battleship or the cruise ship?

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