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Welcome to steveflockhart.com. Thank you for checking out my blog. Keeping with the Easter theme, today is the day of new beginnings. Today, not only do we launch steveflockhart.com but we also officially launch Over the Wall Ministries, a non-profit coaching and consulting ministry that also offers resources. (For more information, check out overthewallministries.com) God is truly doing some amazing things. Who would ever imagine as we started New Season Church with a group of 40 people that we would see over 1000 people accept Christ over the past three years and that we would have over 1400 attending church this past weekend for 3 Easter services! Today you will be able to view a video blog to kick things off and tomorrow, I will begin writing on issues that will be relevant to you no matter what you do, or where you are in life.

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  1. Bro. Steve, please note that your Development, Impact, and Grow can spell D.I.G. which is a great word outline to remind us to press into the Savior, press into the Scriptures and lastly, to press on in His Service in Jesus’ Name! GLORY! Jesus is Wonderful! (Romans 15:13)-vern

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