Knock Out a Few Walls and Build an Addition

Every time our church grows and we have to knock out a wall, I get excited! I know that things are happening. Progress is intoxicating.

Many years ago, we knocked out a wall in our home to add a family room. It was great to see the construction taking place and the final project.

It is time to knock out a few walls and build an addition! Are you living in the comfort zone – the safety zone? Is your motto, “slow, no wake.” Today, you need to make a conscious decision to expand, take a risk and get out of the comfort zone. Your comfort zone is never static. When it’s not expanding, it’s contracting.
The comfort zone is the place where you get compliant and comfortable. When that happens, it brings an unsettled, “closed in” feeling. You begin to feel trapped because you were made for more. Are you in the comfort zone?

Let me give you five characteristics of the comfort zone and you can see if you are there.

1.      Compliancy has set in.
Compliancy is the disease of being satisfied where you are in your life.

2.      No Growth.
You are coasting through life; you’re not growing mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It’s like riding in a taxi and being stuck in traffic. The meter is running and it is costing you but you are not moving forward.

You’re Afraid to Take a Risk

Unwilling to Pay the Price

5. You have convinced yourself that you’re okay and “this” is the way that things will always be.

If this is you, then let me ask you a question…”What are you going to do about it?
Let me encourage you today to specifically step outside your comfort zone. Take a risk or get involved in a challenging opportunity that you have been avoiding. Go for it! Don’t be locked in to your own little world feeling afraid to step out. Do it – find a hammer, knock out some walls and start an addition.

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  1. Pastor Steve, my friends and I are starting the Sun Stand Still series tonight. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

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