Not Disqualified

Have you ever had the thought that God is finished using you? Or perhaps you messed up so bad that you feel God will “put you on the shelf” for the rest of your life. Maybe for days, weeks, months…maybe even years, you have believed that it’s over, God can’t use you.

I have good news. The only people God ever used in the Bible were people who had really “messed up.”

Abraham lied; Moses killed a man; David committed adultery; Peter had a big mouth and even denied knowing Jesus; and Paul was a murderer.

Listen, your past doesn’t disqualify you from an amazing future in Christ. God is not finished with you…just the opposite, He is just beginning! His plan and purpose for your life are just beginning to unfold.

Stop believing the lie that you have convinced yourself to be true. God has a marvelous plan for your life and He is going to use you! It is going to blow your mind.

Get ready, your God is unleashing His favor on you. Your future is blessed and nothing can stop God…not even your past!

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