Saved People Serve People


Let me say to each one of you who volunteers at New Season…thank you, you are awesome! God is using you to touch countless lives. Many people are being changed because of the time and effort that you invest every weekend.

I’m sure at times that you ask yourselves if it really matters if you show up on Sundays to volunteer. Let me answer for you – YES, everything matters and it is making a difference, both now on earth and into eternity. Everything matters – YOU MATTER!

Our volunteers in the parking lot matter to our guests (they are the first representative of New Season as people drive on to our campus) and they are the key to maintaining safety and order for parking; our Greeters matter to our guests as they enter our building and are greeted with a smiling friendly face and a greeting; our Coffee Bar volunteers matter as they share the gift of hospitality; Ushers, Discovery workers, XStatic workers, Uprising workers, Sound/Lights, Office volunteers, etc…you ALL play a part in reaching and ministering to people.

Thank you again for your commitment to Jesus and to New Season Church. It is an honor to serve along beside you.

Remember I Corinthians 15:58, "your labor in the Lord is not in vain."

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