Make Wise Decisions


I know, we all have. Making the right decision isn’t as easy as people think. We are all where we are today based on the decisions we have made. Whether financially, emotionally, spiritually or physically, we are the sum of our choices. The ultimate outcome of our lives will be based on the decisions we make. That’s true of today and eternity. We are all in situations of our own choosing.

That is why it is so important to choose wisely. We must stop blaming other people or circumstances. I am…you are in the place you are in because you have made a choice. All of us would like to go back in time and change a decision we made at some point. The outcome that was the result of our decision was not what we thought or maybe we knew the outcome but didn’t think through the consequences of the decision. No matter what decision you made, nothing you can do will erase it.

The past will never change but you can change the future by changing your decisions today. You can change how you respond. You can decide to move on, forgive and trust God. It’s decision time…make the right choice!

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