The Cheesecake Factory

My favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory. My wife and I have eaten at this restaurant in many different cities including Baltimore, Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples and of course, in the Atlanta area. We actually ate there a couple of weeks ago for Valentine’s Day.

It is an excellent restaurant that offers a wide variety of menu options. The food is delicious and the service is great. Every experience that I have ever had has been a pleasant one. The cheesecake is amazing, banana cream and vanilla bean are my favorites!

The California based restaurant is now going global. They are preparing to open 12 restaurants over the next eight years in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and even in the Middle East. Cheesecake Factory, CEO David Overton said, “we certainly weren’t the first in but we don’t want to be the last in either.”

This past Sunday at our 5 Year Celebration, we cast a vision for multi-site to expand New Season to different areas and possibly to different states. The multi-site plan isn’t new and it is not a fad. Multi-sites will allow us to raise up new leaders, expand our culture of multiplication and of course, spread the gospel.

Technology today offers so many possibilities for reaching more people. Similar to what Cheesecake Factory CEO, David Overton said, “we weren’t the first in, but by God’s grace, we won’t be the last!”  

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