Stuck in a Funk?

My life purpose is to make the gospel clear so that people can enter into a relationship with Christ and grow to their full potential. I know my purpose and passion and by God’s grace, I get to live it out.

As many of you are aware, God led me to launch a non-profit organization called “Over the Wall” that has a commitment to radically transform the spiritual condition of the world and the landscape of the local church through growth, development and impact.

I often use leadership training with these pastors that comes from a master coach named Tony Morgan. If you are not familiar with Tony, he is the Chief Strategic Officer and Founder of He is a master coach and consultant who really is in a class by himself. I have had the opportunity to sit down with Tony one on one. His wisdom and leadership is second to none.

Recently, I wrote the following review on for a new book written by Tony, “Stuck in a Funk”. I would highly encourage you to get it today and take your life, your leadership and your organization to the next level and get out of the funk!

“Once again, Tony Morgan, ‘the coach’ has delivered. Tony is not an arm chair quarterback who spouts out theories and wishful thinking. He is a practitioner who is tried and tested all that he is teaching. A great coach always brings out the best in people and inspires them to change and make a difference. Tony does that to all he meets and certainly does it in this great book. If your church or business or [personal life is in a funk and is stuck, then make sure you read this book. Warning – the content in this book is for those who really want to be ‘unstuck.’ This material will challenge you and inspire you to change. Read on!”

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