God’s Open Door Policy

I Corinthians 16:9 says, “For a great door is opened to me"

The Apostle Paul had great dreams. Paul was not content with resting on what he had already accomplished. He believed God had more for him. He knew that we serve a God of unlimited opportunities and unimaginable futures.

Revelation 3:7 tells us that God opens and shuts doors. What door of opportunity is God opening for you right now? Let me mention what an opportunity is:

1. Time that occurs once and if it is not taken, it may be lost forever.

2. Fixed point in time; a distinct time; a significant time; an advantage.

3. A golden opportunity to seize the moment and fulfill your God given dream.

The first church that I ever pastored was Macedonia Baptist Church in Dalton, GA in the Dawnville community. We served there for six years.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from the current pastor of Macedonia and he invited me to come back and preach on Sunday evening, April 28 at 6 o’clock. I am humbled, honored and extremely grateful for this "open door." This is such an incredible opportunity. It means so much to me, I can’t even put into words…I am extremely grateful to Pastor Jimmy Dixon for his gracious invitation.

It will be exactly 15 years this month since I have preached at Macedonia. It has been a long awaited dream of mine to go back to the place where I started.

My family and I are looking with great anticipation to seeing old friends and making new ones. I am grateful that God has an open door policy!

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