Lucky Number Seven

1. Maybe If I start my day off with the Lord in prayer and in His word, I will have more energy and the strength to stay in the game.

2. Maybe if I improve my sense of mission and purpose, I will have a better idea of where I’m headed.

3. Maybe if I improve my attitude, I will be able to see more clearly the opportunities presented to me every day.

4. Maybe if I prioritize my life better, I will not stay involved in the issues that burn up my time.

5. Maybe if I take action sooner, rather than permitting procrastination to rear its ugly head, my dreams will become reality.

6. Maybe if I trust God more and live a life of faith, I will live with less worry and anxiety.

7. Maybe today I will believe all that God had said about me, and all that God believes about me and start living the life God has for me,

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