Who Do You Think You Are?

We all have feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. We all fear rejection and we all want to be accepted.

I believe the number one problem that people face is not knowing who they are in Christ.

Our understanding of identity impacts how we live out our lives. If you do not establish a clear sense of personal identity in Christ, you are going to struggle throughout your entire life.

Why is it so important? Because we cannot consistently behave in ways that are different from what we believe about ourselves.

If you do not think right, you will not believe right and you will not behave right. If you think wrong, and believe wrong, you will act wrong.

The Bible tells us in John, chapter 8, verse 44 that Satan is a liar and the Father of all lies. He has been lying to you and for many of you, he has stolen your identity in Christ. You are n bondage to the lies that the devil has told you that you believe about yourself.

Aren’t you tired of an unfulfilled and unproductive walk with Christ?

Remember who you are. Remember WHOSE you are!

Stop believing the lies of the evil one. Who do you think you are…that will determine how you live.

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