Move Past Failure

Every person’s life is filled with mistakes, errors and failures. Failure isn’t the problem. We all fail.

How we interpret failure is the problem. How you view failure will be one of the most important, life altering practices you ever put in place.

Failures do not reflect your overall character, competence, intelligence or identity. You are going to fail…you are going to make some major blunders. I certainly have had my share of misjudgments, bad decisions and emotionally driven rationalizations.

Failure is a part of life; it’s a part of the learning process so make the most of your next failure! Learn from it! The key is learning from our mistakes.

There is a major difference in “I failed” and “I’m a failure.” If you are not careful, you will wallow in past failures and never recover. You can allow what happened to you a year ago, five years ago, even 20 years ago to affect the way you live right now.

You must move on! Failure if not fatal and it is not final!

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