Defining Moments

I can remember 26 years and 10 months ago being at New Hanover Hospital in Wilmington, N.C. It was August 10, 1984 to be exact. I was getting ready to experience one of greatest changes in my life that I have ever known. I really had no clue what that day would mean to me and how significant the impact the birth of my first born son would have on my life.

On that day I got a wake up call…it did not come via the Iphone, it came at the hands of Doctor O’Quinn, a 70+ year old veteran OBGYN who handed me my 8 pound, 7 oz. baby boy. My life was never the same!

I had heard people say that when you have a child, you will understand unconditional love; you will understand sacrifice; and you will forever be impacted by the love that you have for your child.
I didn’t get ‘it’ until that moment that I first held my son. Then, it hit me. That overwhelming sense of love and pride…the feeling that, “this is ours, we did this – wow!!”

Then the feeling of responsibility Not just the provision aspect – food, clothing and shelter but the teaching aspect. The “being a man” aspect.

Parenting would prove to be the single greatest challenge of my young life, and after 26 years and six children later, that still rings true

So why am I writing about this specific event? Why the reminiscing and nostalgia today? Why are my eyes welling up with tears as I write these words? Well, something pretty significant is happening again today on June 13.

This time as I write, I am in Atlanta, GA at NorthSide hospital. My wife, my youngest daughter and I just arrived with a Chick Fillet biscuit for my first born son who is getting ready to watch his first born son come in to the world. I am experiencing de je vu as I look at the graph showing my sweet daughter in law’s contractions and as I listen to that amazing sound of my grandson’s heartbeat on the monitor. All of these sights and sounds from so long ago are arresting my attention.

Those who know me will tell you that patience isn’t my strong suit but today I am waiting with great joy for the birth of my grandson like a kid waiting for Christmas!

Update: At 6:20 pm,  Finnegan Michael Flockhart was born. Finn
Weighed 6 lbs. and 6 oz. and he was 20 inches long.

Words cannot come close to describing the feelings that I am experiencing. My wife and I are overcome with emotions – joy, gratitude, pride, excitement, etc…

I have a grandson! All of you grandparents have been telling me for years how wonderful this is – you were right! It is amazing!

Just like 26 years ago, I have experienced a miraculous life change. The impact that little Finn has had on me in less than 24 hours is clearly a defining moment.Time is measured in minutes but life is measured in moments…defining moments. Have you had any lately?


9 thoughts on “Defining Moments

  1. Bro. Steve I can’t tell ya how happy I am for the whole Flockhart family. Your grandson in beautiful and just perfect. It is hard to tell who is the giddiest, the parents or the grandparents. Love to all the Flockharts and give little Finn a kiss from the Mauldins.

  2. You make me cry… I have been there 3 times my friend.. it don’t get any better than watching those sweet GRANDBABIES be born….. Congratulations…. I pray for MANY MORE.. 😉

  3. Congratulations to the Flockhart family and Happy Birthday Finn! Love him up…hes so cute you could just nibble on him! God Bless all of you!

  4. Beautiful words for a beautiful moment in your life. Congratulations to the Flockhart family on the newest addition. Also, how does Whitney look so great after giving birth? Just not right! LOL

  5. Congratulations to the Flockhart family!! Finn is such a cutie!! I can see everyone is so thrilled for his arrival!! Love all of ya’ll!!!


  6. The birth of a child is amazing, however, that of a grandchild is miraculous. Finn is absolutely beautiful. He will surely be loved by many. Congratulations to Whitney and Stevie….and without mention, the proud new g-parents. Love you all!!!

  7. Congratulations to the Flockhart family. I know how excited you are since we have four grandchildren ourself. Now all you have to do is love Finn and spoil him. Love to all of you .

  8. Beautifully said. So excited for all the Flockharts. 🙂 love you guys and am so glad God blessed Whitney with a healthy and safe delivery. Finn is a perfect blessing and great addition to your family.

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