Have you ever seen stagnant water? It begins to change color, it smells bad and looks nasty. Stagnation causes bacteria to grow and is very unhealthy.

I know too many people who are stagnant in their lives… mentally stagnant, emotionally stagnant, physically stagnant and of course, spiritually stagnant. When something is stagnant, you cannot just “stir the pot.” You have to discard it and start fresh. In your life that is a good idea.

Start fresh today and begin growing!

You have to set aside a specific time for growth. If you don’t make the appointment and stick with it, you will never change. Emerson said, “For everything you gain, you give up something.”

You really do have to give up to grow. What are you willing to give up in order to grow up? A little television, less of your hobby, a little less sleep, etc… We must be willing to give something up if we want to grow. It is time to grow up.

Your life is too important to be fretting it away and allowing yourself to become stagnant. Don’t just stir things up – change! Grow and watch God do the impossible in and through you.

We are currently in a series called Dark Horse at New Season Church.This series will challenge your stagnation!! Don’t miss and make sure you bring someone with you.

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