Never Gets Old

God is doing some amazing things at New Season Church and we should celebrate!

Watching God do what only he can do never gets old! Lets celebrate!

The world celebrates more than the church and that’s just not right. We have so much more to celebrate!

An NBA championship is awesome, winning a VMA is amazing but those things are temporary. A life changed by the power of God is eternal!

In Luke, chapter 15, Jesus went out of His way to teach us to celebrate over just one person repenting. We should be celebrating more!


In August alone we have seen…

18 people publicly recommitting their lives to Christ

15 people joining New Season

Over 40 people trusting Jesus as their Lord and Savior…that NEVER gets old!

39 people following through in baptism


New Season Church, we have reasons to celebrate!

Let’s rejoice over what God has done and don't forget it never gets old.

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