Kingdom Living

Yesterday in church I quoted three different sayings of Jesus in the Beatitudes. When you read Matthew 5-7 you find some incredible teaching.

Enormous crowds showed up to hear Jesus preach. His teaching was different. He spoke with authority. His teaching style was riveting. He was the talk of the town and everyone wanted to hear what He had to say.

On one such occasion, Jesus was preaching on a hillside near Caperneum. He was preaching the Sermon on the Mount,which was his most famous sermon. This is the sermon where Jesus gave this whole new way of thinking. He told us a whole new way in which to live our lives. He expressed a kingdom lifestyle.

The Beatitudes explain kingdom values in contrast to earthly values. Eternal values compared to temporal values. Values like – ‘treat people like you want to be treated’; Forgive always and completely; Turn the other cheek; Go the extra mile; Be generous with your time and money; Make sure you check out your own sin before you go picking out your brothers.

Jesus made it clear…you can live your life on your agenda or you can be in tune with God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Maybe it’s time for a Kingdom mindset in your thinking and living.

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