Ever consider the power of just one word?
The dictionary on my iPhone defines the word impact as “to have an effect on; to alter; influence in a significant manner.”
When someone says something or someone has impacted their life, they are saying that something changed. If a train impacts a car at 50 miles per hour, things are going to be different!
If you or someone you love is going through cancer or chemo, it has impacted you and your family.
If someone invested time in you, encouraged you, mentored you or discipled you, then the potential for impact can be life changing.
What if you started investing in someone’s life today? Can you imagine the difference it would make?
Most people don’t think they have much to offer but God hasn’t called you to fill someone’s bucket, God has called you to empty yours!
Don’t think you have to have it all together (nobody does)…All you need to do is give out what God has put in.
Your life can seriously impact another.You can be the catalyst for change.
There are so many people who have impacted my life and I hope I have impacted a few as well.
Ever consider the power of just one life being impacted?

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