All of us have had a heartbreaking experience. We all have been disappointed and frustrated by the circumstances of our lives.

I would never pretend to know exactly what you are going through. I wouldn’t dare to assume that I understand your unique set of circumstances or the pain and confusion you are feeling right now. But, I do know pain…I know hurt, frustration, sadness, dark times and even depression. I have personally experienced shattered dreams, bad decisions, bumps and major roadblocks.

I have caused many of these heartbreaking experiences myself. That really hurts! I have also been on the end where someone else’s decisions or responses have caused major heartache. I have been stuck in a rut, a dark hole and felt like I could not climb out.

Let me give you five things that you need to do to start fresh and help with heartbreak.
1.       Throw yourself at Jesus
Surrender everything you are, everything you hope to be, confess, repent, experience his cleansing, and forgiveness. Trust Jesus to give you a new start.

2.       Constantly renew your mind
Feed your mind the right things every day. Read, pray, listen to sermons, get a healthy diet of good things in your life.

3.       Spend time with positive, faith-filled people
Who you associate with will be extremely important. Who you hang around or do not hang around with will  “make or break you”. Surround yourself with positive, faith-filled people. It will make a difference!

4.       Know that God is working
Knowing that God is working causes you to trust and to depend on Him. God is not finished… what He starts, He finishes. He is molding you and sculpting you into a trophy of grace.

5.       Share your story
Tell others how faithful God has been. Tell them how He worked in your life. Don’t waste your pain.

Allow God to heal your heartbreak!

One thought on “Heartbreak

  1. Pastor Steve, this makes not ONE, but TWO posts today from you and your family that hit close to home for me. I have changed my life, thrown myself at Jesus and He has miraculously changed me. I surround myself by good people who hold me accountable for every action. I know God is molding me into the person He created me to be every day and I am now comfortable with the child God has protected. Thank you for this message. It touched my heart so deeply, because it outlines EXACTLY the changes I had to make in my life. I’m now able to talk about what was hidden for so many years – sometimes guiltily, sometimes shamefully – but always with the voice of God’s healing miracle in my life.

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