Be a Prospector!

The Bible says to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” The Bible doesn’t say to work for your salvation but to work it out. We are to work out what is already in us.
The word “work” means to carry something out to its logical conclusion; work to full completion. It speaks of constant energy and effort to finish a task.

The reason so many Christians are “up and down” in their spiritual lives is because they are not working out what God put in. Most people I speak to are living in roller coaster relationships with God. Their lives are a series of ups and downs. The Bible says our lives should be a process of ins and outs.

Too many people are working it up instead of out. They attend church on Sunday mornings ready for their “fix.” They hear the music, hear the Word of God preached, get all excited and pumped up, but then by Tuesday, they are flat.

When He says to work it out, it is a picturesque word that speaks of working a mine, getting out all of the valuable items in the mine.

We have to make a continuous, sustained effort to work out the ultimate completion of what God has put in. You are saved by grace and not works, but your salvation works when you get grace.

“Let go and let God” is a great statement in the context of trusting Jesus but not in living for Him. You must do your part!

Stop pushing the snooze button, get up and read the Word of God!                                         Pray – out loud. Cry out to your Heavenly Father.                                                                        Empty yourself and get filled with the Spirit of God.                                                                            Get dressed in the Armor of God.                                                                                                       Worship, praise and adore Jesus.                                                                                                                 Fall deeper in love with Christ by spending time with Him every day.                                            Be consistent in church attendance, don’t slide in twice a month.                                                  Get involved in a Small Group, do life together with other believers.                                         Find a place and serve somewhere – use your gifts and passion to serve the Body of Christ!

Be a prospector…dig in and watch what comes out.

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