Prayer and Fasting

Twice a year, we challenge the people of New Season to pray and fast. We are a church that longs for the power and presence of God, the unexplainable and the supernatural to manifest in our midst. We know that God moves in extraordinary ways when we fast and pray.

Jesus assumed that if you were a follower of Him that you would fast and pray. (Matthew 6:16)

Fasting was a frequent discipline in the Old and New Testaments. Fasting is mentioned seventy seven times in the Bible. Over 50 different people are recorded as fasting.

Fasting unlocks heaven’s door and slams shut the gates of hell. There is a closeness, an intimacy, an unexplained power that accompanies fasting.

Fasting is simply going without food. If you have medical issues that prevent you from abstaining from food, then you can select something else that you love such as dessert, television, social media, cell phone, etc… and fast from it. You do not want to miss the opportunity to be involved in fasting, praying and watching God do something magnificent.

We are asking God to perform a miracle in our midst. We are asking specifically that He save people, change people, and set the people of New Season on fire with passion and love for Him.

We are asking that He heal marriages and broken relationships, to break addictions and strongholds, and to energize New Season with His mighty power and presence.

We are also asking that He will give us $100,000 in our Kingdom Come offering on December 8th. Every year, we have a special offering in December and this year, we are trusting Him for $100,000. It will take a miracle to raise this money…a miracle from God and obedience and sacrifice from each of us!

Make sure that you are involved in this time of prayer and fasting. We will begin on November 17 with 21 days devoted to fast and pray. Can you imagine hundreds of people from New Season calling out and seeking God?

I encourage you to join us. Sign up to take a day to fast and pray with us as we call on God for a supernatural touch. It will change your life!

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