God is Moving

God is moving in an incredible way at New Season. I can’t explain it and we did very little to create it, but we are in the midst of a move of God.

There is a fire, an expectancy, and an anointing from the Spirit that is sweeping across our church. The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity is alive and well at New Season.

We are seeing some amazing things take place and there are God stories everywhere! Lives are being changed on a regular basis.

The last two Sundays, I have preached on tithing and serving.

We have seen 14 people saved and 140 new people signed up to serve.

There is a wonderful spirt of expectancy and excitement!

I cannot stress enough to members and attenders of New Season…do not take this for granted! I am humbled, honored, grateful, excited and expectant of all that God is doing in this season and for all that He will do in our future.

God is moving in our midst!

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