Big Dreams

Six years ago, I was dreaming…

I was dreaming about what could be and what should be. I was dreaming about starting a church in the most un-churched county in the state of Georgia. I can remember dreaming about reaching people, watching lives be changed and impacting the community.I was dreaming big!

Unfortunately, many people and churches are not dreaming. If you are not dreaming, you are not going anywhere. Every person ends up somewhere but few people and few churches end up somewhere on purpose. I am constantly dreaming, planning, praying and believing for a different future. What are you dreaming about?

I had big dreams six years ago as 40 people met together, dreaming and praying of what could happen. None of us thought that in six short years, we would see 1600 people walk forward to accept Christ and follow through with baptism. We have seen miracle after miracle with God showing up and doing only what He can do.

Even though we didn’t officially open the doors of New Season until February 0f 2008, we began meeting six years ago this month. It all started with a dream!

Seriously, what are you dreaming about?

What is that vision that God has put in your heart that has not come about yet?

Keep dreaming and planning. Put some work clothes on your dream. Get focused on accomplishing it – make it your priority!

Seek first the kingdom of God and watch God pour His favor on your big dreams!

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