Thankful Always

Philippians 1:3 says, “I thank my God every time I remember you.”

I can honestly say that I identify with this scripture when it comes to my thoughts of my New Season family. This blog is written in appreciation and honor of each of you!

I truly am grateful to serve as your Pastor at New Season. I often reflect on the faithfulness, generosity and commitment to the ministry of each of you.

First of all, in the area of serving. We recently  had 147 new people signing up to serve.That means more greeters, more ushers, more nursery workers, more children’s workers, more Coffee Bar volunteers, more parking lot attendants, more invitation counselors, etc…Thank you!  I thank God when I think of how you at New Season serve!

Secondly, in the area of giving. Along with the normal weekly tithes and offerings, you have been asked to give for our Kingdom Come offering on December 8th.  I am thanking you in advance for your sacrifice.

Last of all, thank you for stepping up and going All In. It is exciting to watch so many of you going to a new level in your commitment to Jesus, and to New Season.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. Just know that this Pastor is very thankful for you all!

I am also grateful for my amazing family…

My wife and my best friend, Vickie who has stood with me through the very best of times and the very worst

My six kids, Stevie, Jeremiah, Andrew, Kayla, Austin and Kirby who have all grown up to be awesome men and women…I am overwhelmed by each one of them and so proud!

My two daughter-in-laws, Whitney and Lindsey, and my son-in-law, Kenny who are tremendous blessings. God sent each of them to our family!

My three precious grandbabies, Finn, Judah and Lakely (and another boy coming in May) who add so much joy and happiness to my life that I can’t even express it!

My parents, brother, two sister-in-laws and mother-in-law.

Many incredible friends all over the world! Great men and women who have loved,  and supported our family.

My life is better because of each one of you. I am blessed…I am thankful!

One thought on “Thankful Always

  1. Pastor Steve, I want to express my gratitude for you as our Pastor. I have only attended your church for a little over a month now and I have been greatly impacted by you and so many of the great people at this church! I am truly grateful to God for leading me to this church. He is moving swiftly in my personal life and led me to your church. Every time I enter the door I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being a part of my spiritual growth. I hope that you and your family have a warm and loving Thanksgiving as I know you will.

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