God is not impressed by the wealthy, the powerful, the popular, the talented, the religious, the “good,” etc… God’s love is freely given to ALL. He does not love the faithful missionary any more than He loves the drunk who spends every dime he has on beer and never sets foot in a church.

That is a hard concept for us to grasp as humans. Success and accomplishment is so impressive in our society that we are guilty of attaching it to affection.

That is not the process by which God gives His love. His love is poured out on the “lowest of the low” (according to human standards) to the “cream of the crop.”

Many people today associate the love of God by their performance or by the lack of love and attention they have received from others.

Do you know why some of you have such a difficult time believing and understanding the love of God? Because you have encountered “wishy washy” people who say they love you but at some point decide those emotions have changed. God forbid but maybe it was a parent…a Dad who abandoned you and the message that sent was “he doesn’t love me anymore.”

Maybe a spouse left you – after speaking the vows and making a commitment “for better for worse” – he hit the road and even told you that he doesn’t love you anymore.

Sadly, we compare God’s love to what we have experienced from humans and because of that we don’t believe that God really loves us.

Look no further than a blood stained cross where the God of the universe has his arms wide open and declares “I LOVE YOU”!

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