Say Goodbye to Average

I don’t think deep down that people want to be average. I believe there is something in all of us that longs for the extraordinary.

We don’t want to live life on the shelf. We want to live life on the edge.

Mundane, boring and predictable are not in the vocabulary of the Kingdom minded.

I say we abandon average. Let’s get rid of status quo and just “getting by” and “it’s good enough.” God didn’t save you to be average. Let’s pursue God’s highest and best.

Do you want to have an average dinner tonight or a fantastic dinner?

Do you want your kids to have the best teacher or just the average teacher?

Do you want your favorite sports team to be average or the best in their division?

Do you want an average marriage or a healthy, vital, dynamic marriage?

Do you want to be operated on by an average surgeon or the best in the country?

So why would you not desire that your church and your spiritual life be so much more than average?

We don’t serve an average God so lets not be average.Lets say goodbye to average.

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