The Power of An Invitation

Last week, one of our members introduced me to a friend that she had invited to church. The friend accepted Christ that day. A life was changed by a simple but powerful invitation.

Tomorrow we are celebrating the season with two special services at 4:00 and 6:00 pm. This will be an incredible opportunity for the whole family to experience a time of reflection, inspiration and celebration.

This is also one of the best opportunities for you to invite people to attend with you. Give people one of our Christmas Invitation cards today. Get on the  phone and call, send a text,  email, use Facebook and tweet about tomorrow nights services!!

I realize that you know that I preach the gospel every single Sunday at New Season but Christmas Eve will be even more intense, intentional and focused on what the season is actually about.

This is not about church attendance, it’s about eternity. People are either saved or lost and many are very open to hear about Jesus during this time of year. Maybe you have invited the same person a thousand times and they always tell you “no.” Well, this could be the time when they say “yes!”

There is so much power in a personal invitation. Try it!

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