Books Can Take You Anywhere!

I love reading. That is an amazing statement from someone who never read an entire book in school, and ended up dropping out of high school.

About 15 years ago, I was challenged when I was told that to really be a leader, you need to be a reader! I heard a man named Jay Strack share that by reading for 15 minutes a day that you will read 21 books in a year.  At that time of my life, I was reading 6 to 7 books a year and I thought I was doing great. I took Jay’s challenge and soon I was reading 21 books a year.

Reading every day has been unbelievable, truly the ride of my life. I read theology, biographies, church growth and everything I can get my hands on concerning leadership.

Reading has become a love for me. Not a duty or a chore but pure delight.

Books can take you anywhere. And they have!

My journey with God, spiritual growth and ministry took off when I grew serious about reading. I began to change…I could see it and feel it. Other people noticed the change in me. I began to grow by leaps and bounds.

Today, I read 80 to 100 books every year and have been doing so for the past 13 years.

Reading has changed my entire life!

In today’s world, reading is a click away. I can download a book on my Kindle in about 20 seconds.

Let me encourage you today to become a reader and start on an incredible journey of growth and change.

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