Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

Defining leadership in a specific sense is really difficult. We all know it when we see it. We could all give 10 different definitions of leadership, and we would all be right.

Leadership is something every organization has to have. Leadership is the most important aspect of any team, any organization or any church.

There really isn’t a hard, fast way that you have to lead. Some people have charismatic personalities. Others are quiet and reserved. Some leaders are extroverts, while others are introverts.

True leadership gets things done. Leaders make thing happen! They excite and motivate people around the cause and equip people to make a difference.

Warren Bennis and Bert Nanus interviewed 90 leaders from a variety of professions. They were trying to see some underlining principles that could be identified from people who were extremely successful and had a huge impact. The study became a book called “Leaders”. They nailed it down to 4 distinct qualities that every leader must possess:

Leaders bring attention to their vision.

Leaders communicate in clear, creative ways.

Leaders trust people. They give others power to get the job done.

Leaders believe in themselves to reach their goals.

In my years of leading, I have discovered that all leaders must be visionaries, cheerleaders, and warriors. And most of the time, a leader must be all of these at the same time.

Leaders are learners. You must continue to be on the path of self improvement.

Leaders learn, grow, and stretch so they can grow their organization, church, or family.

Everything rises and falls on leadership!

Everyone is leading someone so let’s make sure we lead well! Everything rises and falls on leadership.

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