Spiritual Resources

Every Christian knows the struggle of temptation. Every day, we are confronted with doing right or doing wrong. I am grateful that Jesus exposes the tactics of the enemy and reveals to us how we can overcome when we are tempted.

We have at our disposal the same spiritual resources that Jesus used when He faced and defeated Satan.(read Luke 4 vs1-15)

1. Be Filled with the Spirit of God
Jesus was not relying on His flesh to defeat the temptation.

2. Be Filled with the Word of God
Jesus quoted the word. He knew the word and knew how to use the word.

3. Be Filled with the Vision of God                                                                                                             Jesus didn’t give in to temptation because of the vision to save mankind. His mission and purpose would have been lost and so would we!

Satan hits us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We have the word, the spirit and God’s vision to keep us from giving in.

Temptation will always be a part of our lives but we are assured of victory because of Jesus.

Be filled today with the Spirit and the Word of God and his vision for your life and you will overcome that temptation.

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