Messy Ministry

Last Sunday, I preached Luke chapter 5. It is one of my favorite stories. Four men care deeply about their friend who cannot walk. They know that Jesus can heal their friend so they bring him to the place where Jesus is preaching. The crowd is so big that they have to climb up on the roof and tear the roof off to get their friend to Jesus.

Back in this day, the roofs were made of cow dung. I don’t know if you have ever been around cow dung or had to tear through it for any reason but I am sure it smells pretty bad! It is a messy project!

Ministry is messy. Sometimes you have to dig through the dung – through the crap. Many times your hands get messy and the smell of the dung clings to you, especially when you deal with those who are new Christians.

New believers come with a great deal of baggage. They have many problems. They do not quite understand the Spirit filled life. They are raw and they are new to the things of God. Their lives are usually in chaos.

New Christians have their own ideas, thoughts, schedules, and levels of commitment. They have different ways of relating, crazy opinions, and tons of idiosyncrasies. They have no-one to tell them what to do, when to stand and sing a song, when to sit and what to do when someone next to them hands them a bucket full of money and they are asked to put their “tithe” in the bucket. A “Quiet Time” is foreign to them…being “dressed in the armor of God” – are you kidding? They do not have a clue!

God has called us to reach people but also to help new believers get started right. Every Sunday morning at New Season, we offer a class offering a good foundation and help in starting a growth process.

I would encourage anyone to attend this class and begin on a journey of growth. Salvation is an event but growth is a process.

The journey is messy but well worth it…not only for the new Christian, but for the ones helping these babies. Sign me up for messy ministry!

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